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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our elderberry syrup is a true, pure, organic elderberry syrup made with a true local raw honey. Our syrup also contains 8 powerful and beneficial ingredients.

The syrup you find on store shelves in big box stores are only labeled a “syrup” because the first and largest ingredient used is a vegetable glycerin or glucose corn syrup – both are thickeners and sweeteners. You are essentially purchasing a highly processed, “hot poured” product that is often made up of dye, high amounts of fructose corn syrup and a small amount of elderberry extract. Hot pouring heats to a high heat and is poured in the jar/bottle – essentially canning the product for preservation, but ultimately taking away from the benefits offered. Alternatively, throughout our making process, the liquid is cooled below 90 degrees before adding the honey. Cooling is important as it preserves the live and beneficial enzymes in the honey.

Store bought syrup is typically $3-$4 an ounce while our syrup is approximately $2 an ounce. Our syrup is of a much higher quality and concentrate. We use real, organic ingredients and make our syrup in small batches by hand. It is never preserved and always fresh

We date our syrup 4 months from our kitchen make date, although it typically lasts a few months longer, especially if unopened.

Our elderberry syrup is stamped with a best by date sticker on the bottom of the jar. This is not an expiration date, as it can and typically does last longer than that date, especially when stored properly (not in the door of the fridge!)

As always, we recommend you keep an eye on the consistency, taste and smell of the syrup. Do not consume if it starts growing white mold, smells bad, tastes bad or fizzes upon opening. You can also freeze your syrup.

Our syrup has a shelf life study of 7 months, unopened (we stopped testing after that).

A recommended adult serving is 1 TBSP per day
A recommended child serving is 1 tsp per day

Intake can be increased to every 2-3 hours as desired.

Can I take more than the recommended amount?

Yes! Our Elderberry Syrup is derived from natural food products, such as berries and spices along with local raw honey. It is high in Vitamin C, which in high amounts, can potentially cause loose stools.

How much you'll need for the whole family:

Here is a quick reference to how much elderberry syrup we suggest based on your family size.

One Adult – 16oz

Two Adults – 32oz

One Child – 8oz

One Adult, One Child – 16oz

Two Adults, One Child – 8oz + 16oz OR 32oz

Two Adults, Two Children – 32oz

The suggested quantities are based on each family member taking their suggested dosage of elderberry syrup once a day, five days a week for a duration of 4 weeks. If desired more frequently (you don’t want to be caught without) double the recommended amount or add on an extra 8oz or 16oz jar for backup.


Pssst! My kids are picky too! I have four kiddos so I understand this struggle bus. When I first started making elderberry syrup I started with a basic recipe. The flavor was not a huge hit with my kiddos and I expected more from the syrup. So I started a long journey of research, finding spices and herbs that helped to balance out each other in both taste and benefits. I also went through 11 kinds of local raw honey until I found the perfect one, which highly influences flavor.

My kids view their daily elderberry syrup as a treat. They fight over who gets theirs first (seriously) and always ask for more.

Do not refer to elderberry syrup as medicine. We call it Magic Unicorn Juice (and for kiddos that can read, this is mentioned in the About Us section on the jar!), yummy juice, berry juice etc.

I often measure out half a dose for my three year old because I know she will always ask for more. We both win!

If your kids do not prefer the syrup straight out of a shot glass, do not fret! It mixes well in grape juice, smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, popsicles etc.

For younger kiddos, placing it in a medicine syringe may work best. I would use this as a last resort because you do not generally want your kids thinking they are going to take “nasty medicine”.

Several area Midwives and OBGYN’s have approved the syrup for pregnancy. It has also been approved by several certified lactation consultants.

I personally took it through my own pregnancies and throughout my breastfeeding journeys.

We also have a local birth center that carries our syrup and encourages their pregnant and breastfeeding mommas to take it.

As always, I encourage you to consult with your physician before taking our elderberry syrup.

Can I give to my baby?

Infants under 12 months of age should not consume honey. We offer an elderberry syrup labeled Vegan/Infant. This variety contains the same ingredients as the regular syrup but it is sweetened with organic agave nectar instead of local raw honey.

Allergies & Dietary Restrictions

I have food allergies to eggs, nuts and dairy – is your syrup safe to consume?

YES! Our syrup is the only product produced in our commercial kitchen. It never comes in contact with eggs, nuts, soy or dairy of any kind.

I have several customers who have severe food allergies and who typically make most of their food products by hand due to allergen risk but our syrup is one of the few products they purchase and trust.

I am Vegan, do you make syrup without honey?

Yes! We offer an elderberry syrup labeled Vegan/Infant. This variety contains the same ingredients as the regular syrup but it is sweetened with organic agave nectar instead of local raw honey.

The syrup has raw unprocessed honey which the body handles much differently than artificial sweeteners and cane sugar, but it’s still sugar none the less. The person in question would need to watch their blood sugar after taking a small amount.

Elderberries and other ingredients may regulate insulin and glucose levels, but we are not medical professionals. We recommend asking your physician before taking our elderberry syrup.

We do offer DIY kits for those who want to make their own, either unsweetened or with your preferred sweetener. You can find those here!

If you are local and would like syrup without sweetener added, please contact us. You can place a special order, prepay and we will notify you when it is ready.

Shipping & Orders

Lightning Speed! We offer the fastest shipping among our competitors. We ship your order via Priority Mail the same or next business day.

Most orders will be delivered to your door within 2-4 business days, depending on your location.

We drop our packages off at a main distribution hub, which means they go directly out without backtracking or being carried from smaller post offices to the distribution centers. This speeds up shipping quite a bit!

No worries!

Due to the unique properties of our ingredients our syrup does not create a welcoming environment for harmful bacteria to grow rapidly. Our shelf life study deemed our syrup safe out of the fridge for up to 5 days. We ship priority mail which arrives from our facility to your door step in 1-3 days.

Place your jar in the fridge upon arrival, preferably on a shelf and not in the door.

We will take care of that for you! Please e-mail us or contact us through Etsy with detailed pictures of the package and contents inside if possible (be careful!). We must be notified of damaged items within 3 days of delivery.

Once we receive pictures of the damage, we will send out another jar right away, at no cost to you.

It is MAJORLY helpful if you take the package to the post office, as that will ensure our insurance claim with the post office will be approved.