ClickCease Meet Our Team – Wildly Rooted

Meet Our Team - Grand Opening

Brooke is the owner and founder of the business. She is pictured in the middle She has a passion for supporting women, mothers, and community. She created the unique recipe, particularly to be kid friendly! She has 4 young kiddos and runs the business full time. To learn more about her and her journey, visit her "about me" page. 

 is my right-hand woman. We have become best friends throughout this process. She is a hard worker, a problem solver, dependable, loving and an all-around fun person. She is our operations manager. She oversees production, our team, shipping, our small businesses partners, and helps with customer service! She also manages and delivers to the Winston-Salem, NC area, which she started back in 2018 and chose to keep after cultivating a relationship with each business.

Nicole is a valued member of the team. She is spunky, full of energy, funny and just full of joy. She currently delivers syrup for us to the rest of the areas, which span from West Jefferson to Greensboro, throughout the Lake Norman and surrounding areas and even into Charlotte. She also works in our kitchen helping to produce the syrup.

Jenna is another wonderful employee. She is so gracious, quirky, hardworking, dependable, witty and a joy to have around. Her energy is infectious. She primarily helps with production in the kitchen and helps to cover the store front.

Summer is a dedicated and hardworking employee. She can be quiet and reserved but we are getting to know this wonderful soul. She has a solid work ethic, is a fast learner and is efficient. She helps with production in the kitchen. We look forward to finding her talents and strengths as she continues with our business!

Shalmeen is my social media gal. She helps with newsletters, posts, design, and website things. She has a natural knack for these things. She is diving into helping with product photography. I am learning alongside her. She also helps to deliver the syrup to local businesses, and pitches in on production days if needed.