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Elderberry White Hot Chocolate
Thu, Feb 11, 21

Elderberry White Hot Chocolate

Elderberry White Hot Chocolate

Elderberry White Hot Chocolate

Warm up with this Elderberry white hot chocolate!

Elderberry white hot chocolate with elderberry syrup lady's elderberry syrup and rumchata beside cinnamon sticks.

Love hot chocolate? Well we’ve whipped up a delicious drink that will keep you warm AND spice up your night.

That’s right.. Elderberry hot chocolate!
and if you’re feeling adventurous, just add Rumchata for a boozy hot chocolate with elderberry!)

This hot chocolate is rich, creamy, and absolutely delicious. Elderberry syrup adds a spiced effect that really enhances the warm cozy feeling of the season.

Elderberry White Hot Chocolate Ingredients:

  • White chocolate: I used white chocolate chips but you can also use chopped white chocolate.
  • Milk: I used Extra Creamy Oat milk because it makes this recipe extra rich and delicious, but it is still phenomenal with regular milk!
  • Vanilla extract: This ingredient is optional but i highly recommend tossing some in there if you have it on hand, as the vanilla adds an extra sweetness.
  • Elderberry Syrup Lady Organic Elderberry Syrup: Our syrup is what really sets off this recipe. With cinnamon and star anise, our elderberry syrup adds a spiced effect and makes enjoying this hot chocolate even more cozy and festive.
  • Rumchata: This is an optional ingredient, of course. This hot chocolate is equally delicious without the Rumchata, BUT if you’d like to add a little kick to your treat then Rumchata is a great match.

Elderberry White Hot Chocolate with elderberry syrup lady's elderberry syrup and cinnamon sticks.



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