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Fermented Garlic Honey Recipe!

This recipe is super easy to make, and tastes far better than I ever imagined. The result is both a honey that tastes of sweet herbs with a hint of garlic AND garlic pieces that are more mellow in ...
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Elderberry White Hot Chocolate

Love hot chocolate? Well we’ve whipped up a delicious drink that will keep you warm AND spice up your night. That’s right.. Elderberry hot chocolate!(and if you’re feeling adventurous, just add Rum...
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Elderberry Crown Cocktail

Think... elderberry creamsicle! This drink is truly a treat! The combination of ingredients makes it so sweet, smooth, and easy to enjoy.
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Spiced Elderberry Mimosa

The perfect drink to welcome in the new year with.I absolutely love how tasty and simple this drink is. It’s a wonderful way to turn one of my favorite summer drinks into a festive winter cocktail.
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