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Fermented Garlic Honey Recipe!
Tue, Mar 16, 21

Fermented Garlic Honey Recipe!

Fermented Garlic Honey Recipe!

What is Fermented Garlic Honey?

Why Would I Make Fermented Garlic Honey?

Fermented Garlic Honey Recipe.


This recipe is super easy to make, and tastes far better than I ever imagined. The result is both a honey that tastes of sweet herbs with a hint of garlic AND garlic pieces that are more mellow in flavor with an adopted sweetened taste from the honey.



What is Fermented Garlic Honey?


Fermented Garlic Honey is primarily used during cold and flu season. Both honey and garlic contain powerful anti-microbials, which may help with infections of the mouth and throat and may act as a natural cough suppressant.

I personally take it at any sign of illness and even used it as support when I had a tooth infection (alongside antibiotics). I would take several spoonfuls of the garlic honey throughout the day and would chew on a garlic clove and tuck it on the infected area itself before swallowing it. I also gave it to my husband when he was coming down with a cold, and it helped as well!

Why Would I Make Fermented Garlic Honey?


You may want to make fermented garlic honey for a number of reasons!

1. You love garlic and want to find new ways to use it. You may even grow garlic, and this would allow you to store it without spoilage for a long period of time.

2. You may want a new marinade or “sauce” to cook with or use in the kitchen! It’s seriously delicious and great on white meat, ribs or even a nice twist on stir-fry.

3. You want another way to support your immune system and want the benefits of both garlic and honey – which are both anti-microbials, anti-virals and are full of immune boosting properties.

Fermented Garlic Honey Recipe:

Yields a 32oz mason jar of honey garlic.

4 inch ginger
16 garlic cloves
2 sprigs rosemary
Small bunch thyme (6)
24+ oz raw honey

Get a true local raw honey from a nearby neighbor or farmer’s market. Never buy honey from a big box store.

Grab the rest of the ingredients.

Peel each individual garlic clove (or purchase already peeled) and gently crush with the side of your knife.

The herbs can be broken off into individual sprigs and added.

Fermentation requires a little more work than just throwing ingredients in a jar and allowing to sit.

Take your garlic and place it in your mason jar. Then cover with just enough honey. Do not overfill with honey. Use just enough to cover your garlic cloves and ingredients. Leave some room in the jar for expansion of gases. You will have to “burp” the jar (more on that below).


The garlic will release moisture into the honey, which is necessary for fermentation to begin. Once you put everything in the jar, place the lid on. Within a couple of days you should start seeing air bubbles come from the garlic cloves. This is carbon dioxide being released.

It is important that you keep the garlic submerged to prevent mold growth. I simply opened the lid to my jar a couple of times a day to “burp” it (let off gas) and then flipped the jar, standing it on its lid. This allowed the garlic to remain covered by the honey. Do this until the garlic no longer float and the gas no longer hisses/lets off. I believe this was a 2-week process with my batch.

If you are not seeing bubbles within 2-3 days, you will need more moisture content. Add a couple of spoonfuls of water to the honey/garlic mixture. Your mixture will darken overtime. You will also notice your honey thin out due to the garlic letting off moisture.

Take this as needed, as often as you like. I personally like to chew on the cloves as well for the health benefits.


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